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Personal Insurance

Medical & Critical Illness Insurance

Individual Medical Cover

The risk of an individual or family member requiring medical attention is inevitable and therefore health coverage is important to secure a strong foundation which ensures that medical expenses are taken care of in the event of need thus alleviating financial distress and securing peace of mind.   

Critical Illness

Critical illnesses have become prevalent in our society, adding to this is the rising costs of healthcare we, at Spire insurance brokers have  Critical illness cover that covers a comprehensive number of illnesses such as heart attack, kidney failure , major organ transplant and many more.

The premiums are affordable and is dependent on the age and the sum insured, we also offer flexible payment plans (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually).

Individual Medical Cover FAQs

• Bed charges: Accommodation expenses during your stay in the hospital
• Doctors’ fees: Fees for visits and consultations
• Drugs: All medicines prescribed
• Diagnostics: Including laboratory tests, X-rays, ultrasounds, MRI and CT Scans.
• Pre-existing conditions
• Chronic conditions

1 Month to 75 years – Entry Age.
One can only renew the policy after 75 years.
Children: 1 month to 20 years. A Child above this age has to take up cover as a principal member.

Yes. Provided they are below the age of 80 years, they are eligible for cover as principal members. They cannot be your dependants since they don’t fall under the category of a spouse or a child below 20 years.

This is the period which cover is active but cannot access services.

Individual medical covers have waiting periods which are subject to continuous renewal with no break in cover. Where there is a break in cover the waiting periods will apply afresh. Sample periods;

Pre-existing Conditions-1 year; Psychiatry-2 years; Organ transplant-3 years; Emergency CS-10 months; 30 days for illness & 90 days for surgical procedures; Cataract operation – 24 months.

The policy holder had a cover which is lapsing and is renewing.

Waived for accidental cases.

Medical Report for all members joining who are 55 years and above will be required.

All In Patient Bills will be paid net of NHIF, hence one should ensure they have an NHIF card since without the member will have to cater for the net NHIF amounts.

No Reimbursement for services sought outside the approved panel. One should therefore ensure they seek services in the approved hospitals.

Complete and sign an application form and attach passport photos for each member. Forward the duly filled form together with your full premium and attach a copy of your ID & KRA PIN to us. We shall ensure that your medical cards and policy documents are issued.

One can decided to pay in installments and the cover will commence upon payment of the last installment.


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