Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance

Golfer’s Insurance

A golfer’s insurance provides you with a cover against accidents on the golf course or within the club premises. The coverage includes the following:

a) Personal accident: You are covered against personal injury by accident that results in death or and disability.
b) Liability to the public: You are covered against personal injury suffered by the public (caddies or ball boys included), damages to property due to any accident and meet legal fees.
c) Loss-of or damage to golfing equipment: You are covered against accidental loss of or damage to golfing equipment that belongs to you. These include clubs, bags and caddies’ cars.
d) Theft of equipment: You are covered against loss or damage to other personal effects other than golfing equipment.
e) Hole-in-one expenses: We will reimburse the cost of hospitality incurred by you because of shooting a Hole-in-One in a competition or friendly game.

The Insurers will not indemnify the Insured in respect of liability consequent upon:

a) Death of or bodily injury to any person being a member of the Insured’s family or household or at the time of sustaining such injury engaged in and upon the service of the Insured.
b) Loss of or damage to property belonging to or in the charge of or under the control of the Insured or any member of his family or household or in the charge of or under the control of any person in the service of the Insured by virtue of such service.
c) The possession or use of any mechanically propelled vehicle except golf carts used during play whilst on any golf course.
d) Any agreement by the Insured to pay any sum by way of indemnity or otherwise unless such liability would have attached in the absence of such agreement.
e) First KSh 250.00 in respect of third party property damage.


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